Commercial Cleaning Services and Conservation

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 08, 2017
Green commercial cleaning services can assist your organization with conservation programs like the University of Minnesota's 'It All Adds Up' initiative. Green Commercial Cleaning Services and Conservation Initiatives According to the University of Minnesota, the purpose of the 'It All Adds Up' program is to promote sustainability
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Healthy Work Environments: Cleaning Services Advice on the Dangers of Bleach

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 01, 2017
In this edition of our ongoing janitorial services tips and advice series, we take a look at the hazardous use of chlorine bleach for conventional cleaning services applications, as well as review safer and healthier alternatives. Cleaning Services Tips & Advice for Chlorine Bleach use in Businesses, Homes, and Schools Chlorine bleach, due to its wide
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Emerging Commercial Floor Care Trends

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 25, 2017
Emerging carpet and floor care trends are leading the way in sustainable green commercial floor care services and practices. Green Janitorial Services and Emerging Sustainable Commercial Floor Care Trends and Practices Hard flooring, a staple of large offices, building lobby's, and medical facilities, has been both a blessing and a burden regarding cleanliness, health, and safety. O[…]
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Commercial Cleaning Services Tips for Soap Use

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 18, 2017
Check out our latest commercial cleaning services tips to help you identify the right kind of soap for your business, as well as potential hazards. Commercial Cleaning Services Tips for Safe Soap Choices & Use Not all soaps are created equally and may behave in an unexpected manner. Regular, non-antisceptic soap does not kill
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Janitorial Services Tips for a Healthy Creative Office Space

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 11, 2017
Check out this month's janitorial services tips for establishing and maintaining a healthy and productive creative office space!
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Commercial Cleaning Services & Integrated Pest Control

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 04, 2017
Commercial cleaning services vendors can play an important role in your Green School Initiative's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Commercial Cleaning Services and Integrated Pest Management for Green School Initiatives The aim of Green School IPM is to safely control the population of common pests, such as roaches, fleas, lice, bedbugs, and rodents, that can disrupt a stud[…]
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Janitorial Services and High Performance Green Cleaning

By Cindy Banchy | Jul 28, 2017
High performance green janitorial services are a mandatory component of LEED and USGBC certified homes and buildings. Leed Buildings and High-Performance Green Janitorial Services According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the purpose of green cleaning and products is; To reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially
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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Janitorial Services Automation

By Cindy Banchy | Jul 21, 2017
Janitorial services vendors and workers, through the years, have been plagued by inefficient and labor intensive processes that often result in an insufficient level of cleanliness and sanitization, a challenge that is currently the focus of several artificial intelligence developers
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Janitorial Services and Chemical-Free Cleaning

By Cindy Banchy | Jul 14, 2017
Chemical-free cleaning is a scientifically-backed evolution of green janitorial services for homes, schools, and businesses. Chemical-Free Cleaning and the Continued Evolution of Green Janitorial Services As green janitorial services and products continue to evolve, based on scientific research and advancements in technology, a trend has developed that is moving the commercial and r[…]
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Janitorial Services for Creativity-Enhancing Design Centers

By Cindy Banchy | Jul 07, 2017
Green janitorial services enhance the qualities necessary for optimal worker cognitive function and creativity, making it the ideal service for local design studios. Green Janitorial Services Enhances Creativity in Design Studios Recent studies have pointed to a direct correlation between the cleanliness of our workspaces, creativity, cognitive function, and worker performance. The […]
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