Green Cleaning Services and Sustainability Programs

By Cindy Banchy | Apr 21, 2017
Green cleaning services are a foundational requirement for the implementation of sustainability programs in businesses and schools. The Role of Cleaning Services in Green Sustainable Environments Implementing a sustainability program in your school or business requires planners to define approachable goals and implement protocols to address specific challenges. Without prior experie[…]
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Cleaning Services Tips to Survive Creative Offices

By Cindy Banchy | Apr 14, 2017
Cleaning services tips and advice to stay healthy and survive the work day in creative office spaces. Cleaning Services Tips to Survive Open and Creative Office Spaces Open office spaces are, in equal measure, bastions for creativity, distractions, and germs. To obtain the maximum benefit of the prior, the later must be navigated or avoided.
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Green Cleaning Resources for Public Schools

By Cindy Banchy | Apr 07, 2017
Green cleaning is a fundamental cornerstone of Minnesota's updated School Environmental Health Plan. Green Cleaning & School Environmental Health Plans According to the Minnesota Department of Health; A School Environmental Health Plan serves many purposes. A healthy school environment will reduce illness, absenteeism, and nurse office visits. Studies have linked a healthy environme[…]
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Cleaning Services Challenges in Creative Offices

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 31, 2017
One of the core concepts behind creative office spaces is their flexible work hours and environments; requiring professional and flexible cleaning services to meet the needs of a dynamic workplace. Blurring the Lines of Home and Office Cleaning Services for Creative Office Spaces Inspiration often strikes at odd hours, so late nights and long weekends
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Terminal Cleaning Services: Ensuring your Hospital or Clinic has a Clean Bill of Health

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 24, 2017
Terminal cleaning services for operating and patient procedure rooms is a specialized service that requires certified staffing and trained personnel to adhere to federal regulations.  Terminal Cleaning Services for Operating and Procedure Rooms In an OR or patient procedure room, the cleanliness of the environment is, quite literally, a matter of life and death. Hospitals, for bette[…]
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Valuable Commerical Cleaning Services Tips for Leasing Commercial Property

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 17, 2017
Commercial cleaning services tips and advice for property managers or prospective renters considering leasing commercial property. Commercial Cleaning Services Advice for Leasing Commercial Properties Leasing commercial property can be a challenging venture, especially if you plan to employ staff in the rented space. While laws vary from state-to-state, generally, the landlord or pr[…]
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Five Considerations When Purchasing Entrance Mats

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 10, 2017
Entrance mats prevent slips & falls, capture up to 95% of soil before it enters your building, and improves your businesses image. Entrance Mat Purchasing Guidelines Aside from adding to the look and curbside appeal of your building, entrance mats serve several purposes, and may be all but required for companies located in areas with
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Outsourced Janitorial Services and Office Security

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 03, 2017
Outsourced janitorial services can function as more than just a cleaning service; it can be a partner to ensure the safety and security of your office and staff. Ensuring Office Security With Outsourced Janitorial Services Upon examination, office security would appear to have little to do with outsourcing cleaning services. It is expected that the
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Winter Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care For Property Managers

By Cindy Banchy | Feb 24, 2017
Winter carpet cleaning tips to prevent the damage brought on by snow and road salt. Green Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care Tips for the Winter Winter storms present a significant financial challenge for business owners and property managers. Heavy snows and rainfall can lead to increased incidences of slips and falls. Melted snow can damage
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Five Reasons to Outsource Janitorial Services

By Cindy Banchy | Feb 17, 2017
Outsourced janitorial services address several challenges currently facing modern business. Five Good Financial Reasons to Outsource Your Businesses Janitorial Services The current business landscape in the U.S. has forced many organizations to evaluate their position and message to define what success will mean over the coming years. This can mean anything from improving the image
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