Medical Cleaning Services: The Largest Challenge facing Medical Device Manufacturers

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 07, 2018
Green medical cleaning services are an ideal solution to challenges facing medical device manufacturers. The Number One Challenge Facing Medical Device Manufacturers Of the numerous challenges facing medical device manufacturers, the most cited are controlling production and launch costs. Increased federal regulation and customer expectation, combined with a 2.3% device tax have tak[…]
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Janitorial Services for Dental Offices

By Cindy Banchy | May 05, 2017
Green janitorial services will help your dental office increase its appeal to prospective customers while improving the overall health of your employees and protecting your patients. Green Janitorial Services for Dental Offices Dental offices have several key cleaning challenge points that affect their repeat business and profitability. Bathroom cleanliness. High-contact surface dis[…]
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Terminal Cleaning Services: Ensuring your Hospital or Clinic has a Clean Bill of Health

By Cindy Banchy | Mar 24, 2017
Terminal cleaning services for operating and patient procedure rooms is a specialized service that requires certified staffing and trained personnel to adhere to federal regulations.  Terminal Cleaning Services for Operating and Procedure Rooms In an OR or patient procedure room, the cleanliness of the environment is, quite literally, a matter of life and death. Hospitals, for bette[…]
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