Green Cleaning Programs for Green Schools

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 05, 2018
Green school cleaning services are a critical component of green school programs and initiatives.   Green Cleaning Programs for Green School Initiatives According to the Green Schools National Network (GSNN), green school initiatives should consist of five Core Practices: Curriculum that Advances Environmental Literacy and
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Valuable School Janitorial Services Advice For Private Schools

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 16, 2018
School janitorial services solutions and expert tips to maintain the health, performance, well being, and tradition of your private school and its students.   Green Cleaning Solutions to Improve Private School Education Student health and welfare is critical to their education. Public, as well as private schools, are required by State law to meet minimum health 
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Commercial Cleaning for Creative Office Spaces

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 09, 2018
Commercial cleaning services are a vital component of successful creative office spaces. Green Commercial Cleaning Services for Healthier Creative Office Space Environments The creative industry is an emerging and essential part of the Minneapolis economy. The Minneapolis Creative Vitality Index (CVI) for 2015 reported that the creative sector added $4.8 Billion to the local economy[…]
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Medical Cleaning Services: The Largest Challenge facing Medical Device Manufacturers

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 07, 2018
Green medical cleaning services are an ideal solution to challenges facing medical device manufacturers. The Number One Challenge Facing Medical Device Manufacturers Of the numerous challenges facing medical device manufacturers, the most cited are controlling production and launch costs. Increased federal regulation and customer expectation, combined with a 2.3% device tax have tak[…]
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Tips to Acquire and Maintain a Green Seal Green Office Partnership

By Cindy Banchy | Nov 03, 2017
An experienced janitorial services vendor can assist your organization with acquiring and maintaining Green Seal's Green Office Partnership. Green Janitorial Services for Green Seal's Green Office Partnership Program The emerging, highly sought-after millennial workforce is reshaping
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How Your Company Can Qualify for the Minneapolis Green Business Program

By Cindy Banchy | Oct 20, 2017
An experienced green janitorial services vendor is the perfect way for your company to capitalize on the Minneapolis Green Business Program while saving you money, and creating a safer and healthier place for your customers and staff. Green Janitorial Services for Green Businesses The City of Minneapolis has incentivized 'going green',
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Green Commercial Cleaning Tips for Spider and Pest Control

By Cindy Banchy | Oct 06, 2017
Green commerical cleaning tips and advice to control the invasion of spiders, insects, and other pests in homes and businesses during the Fall season. Green Commercial Cleaning Tips to Deal With Spiders and Insects in the Fall Fall is here--and with it--a seemingly endless hoard of spiders, insects, and rodents. Insects, such as beetles, flies, ladybugs, or grass
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What are Green Janitorial Services

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 22, 2017
Green janitorial services and product purchasing significantly reduce or eliminate the level of toxins we are exposed to, or are released into the local environment. Defining the Benefits of Green Janitorial Services for Schools and Businesses As the needs of business and education continue to evolve towards a socially and ecologically responsible model, green janitorial
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Commercial Cleaning Services and Conservation

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 08, 2017
Green commercial cleaning services can assist your organization with conservation programs like the University of Minnesota's 'It All Adds Up' initiative. Green Commercial Cleaning Services and Conservation Initiatives According to the University of Minnesota, the purpose of the 'It All Adds Up' program is to promote sustainability
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Healthy Work Environments: Cleaning Services Advice on the Dangers of Bleach

By Cindy Banchy | Sep 01, 2017
In this edition of our ongoing janitorial services tips and advice series, we take a look at the hazardous use of chlorine bleach for conventional cleaning services applications, as well as review safer and healthier alternatives. Cleaning Services Tips & Advice for Chlorine Bleach use in Businesses, Homes, and Schools Chlorine bleach, due to its wide
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