Valuable School Janitorial Services Advice For Private Schools

By Cindy Banchy | Aug 16, 2018
School janitorial services solutions and expert tips to maintain the health, performance, well being, and tradition of your private school and its students.   Green Cleaning Solutions to Improve Private School Education Student health and welfare is critical to their education. Public, as well as private schools, are required by State law to meet minimum health 
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Green Cleaning Resources for Public Schools

By Cindy Banchy | Apr 07, 2017
Green cleaning is a fundamental cornerstone of Minnesota's updated School Environmental Health Plan. Green Cleaning & School Environmental Health Plans According to the Minnesota Department of Health; A School Environmental Health Plan serves many purposes. A healthy school environment will reduce illness, absenteeism, and nurse office visits. Studies have linked a healthy environme[…]
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Green Cleaning Services for Cold and Flu Season

By Cindy Banchy | Feb 10, 2017
Green cleaning services will help keep your office staff, children, and students safe and healthy this cold and flu season.
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