The Vanguard Cleaning Difference: A Recipe For Success

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 The Vanguard Difference
Much like your favorite recipe, we understand that you need the perfect blend of ingredients -a pinch of this, a dash of that. While we have a great basic recipe to start with, we know that our special ingredients are really our employees, franchisees and our clients. Together, they truly create a gourmet recipe. We call it The Vanguard Difference.

During this 8 part journey, we will reveal the entire recipe as we continue to Unmask the Mystery of Cleaning Companies. If you missed last week’s blog, you can read it here.

Who is Vanguard anyway and why are we different?

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is an independently owned and operated Master Franchise. We focus on excellence in two areas: First, we provide comprehensive facilities management solutions that meets the needs of our customers in remarkable and memorable ways. Second, we cultivate a company culture that offers support and access to franchisees as they build strong, independent businesses, strengthen their families and transform our communities.

Each individual involved in Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota whether owner, franchisee or employee, understands the importance of applying our four core VALUES to every activity taking place in the company name.

  • INTEGRITY – We are led by shared commitment to acting with integrity. High ethical standards and honorable behavior are interwoven throughout all levels of the Vanguard operating system. This strong alignment with integrity is rooted in our focus on relationships. Our intention is to be trustworthy partners, consistently demonstrating a genuine spirit of service, both internally and externally.
  • EMPOWERMENT – We value an environment that empowers all of our people to make decisions and act for the good of the organization. Inspired by her
  • fruit on forks success in a male-dominated industry, our Owner/President, Cindy encourages her employees and franchisees to feel confident about thinking outside of their traditional roles and experience. We support growth and progress. We honor each individual within our organization and seek to create a culture that is open, honest and direct. Communication and support are at the heart of our identity.
  • RESPECT – At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, respect begins at the front door. We believe that everyone is deserving of respect, regardless of title or the likelihood of reciprocity. We understand that diverse cultures result in diverse work styles and that can be reflected in the diverse facility spaces that Vanguard franchisees clean every day. Vanguard employees and franchisees actively work to honor and respect these differences. Respect is grounded in personalizing the relationships we all make, and true respect is what is given without expectation.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – While Vanguard staff is always striving for perfection, the reality is that even the most successful companies make mistakes. At Vanguard, we won’t make any excuses for our errors. Rather, we will acknowledge them and do what we can to meet our client’s needs immediately. We understand that we must earn trust from our clients, franchisees and employees, through consistent, reliable and responsive delivery of what we’ve promised.


Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is:

  • FLEXIBLE. This value proposition is a direct result of our vision; this is a solutions based company, not a cleaning service company. While most cleaning service companies try to sell the customer on what that particular company is best at, Vanguard goes the extra mile to attend to the needs of our clients to find the best solution. We demonstrate our flexibility by listening to our clients and customizing a solution tailored to match each client through scope, scheduling and budget needs.
  • PROFESSIONAL. Our professionalism
     is demonstrated from the moment we receive a request for service and continues through the proposal. Showing up within 24 hours of a site visit and is maintained through a
    ny  issues that might happen during the course of service.
  • WOMAN-OWNED. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota has been a nationally Certified WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) for 5 years. Communication with our franchisees is key to the way our business is run. We strive to promote a strong relationship between our clients and our Orange Juicefranchisees and we take pride in the fact that our franchisees are each owners in the process and have responsibility for the outcome with each client.
  • SERVICE ORIENTED. At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we take service very seriously. We want our employees and franchisees to be of service to our clients and we want to be of service to our franchisees to help them become stronger and more independent. Together, we want to be of service to our communities. We do this by being good stewards of the resources available in the community, giving back and supporting the people that live and work within the community on a business and personal level.

We believe that every person at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota – whether an owner, franchisee, or employee – understands the importance of living out our core values. And just like our motto says, we do this for “Every client, every day, every time!”

Learn more next week as we take a look at our basic recipe*, where we will introduce you to why we all chose to Become Vanguard and why you should too.

*Spoiler, she is anything but basic.

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