Unmasking the Mystery: A New Approach to Business Cleaning

June 19, 2018 By Cindy Banchy Leave a Comment

Unmasking the Mystery of Cleaning Companies 

Have you ever wondered if there was a difference in business cleaning companies? There are national companies, franchises and locally-owned businesses. Each range in company size, price structure and service area. Is it really that different? How do you choose? Is the company you are currently using measuring up?

Good news….You’re not alone! Thousands of business owners have these same questions.

Over the next 8 weeks, we will answer those questions and much more as we introduce you to The Vanguard Difference and Unmask the Mystery of Cleaning Companies.

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, our mission is to be the most respected and responsive franchised cleaning company in the Rochester and Twin Cities metro areas. This means offering creative, comprehensive and customized solutions to meet the Facilities Management needs of our clients. At the same time, we identify prospective business owners and support them as they build successful franchises and cultivate strong communities.

Vanguard, by definition, is a group of people leading the way in new developments and ideas.

While how our franchisees approach cleaning is similar, we know that every building, client and franchisee is unique, and it is definitely not a one size fits all approach. As leaders in the Industry, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, through its franchisees, have provided cutting-edge, creative, flexible cleaning solutions for commercial spaces since 2005.

Join us next week as we learn more about The Vanguard Model - Every client, every day, every time!

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Let’s start the conversation. We want to know what your biggest challenges are with your current business cleaning provider. What are your biggest fears about changing services? What about your facility maintenance keeps you up at night? We look forward to hearing from you!  

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